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The Way You Clean And Disinfect Your Home Is Wrong

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

This isn't a debate. This isn't one man's opinion. It's science.

I'm not a scientist. As a matter of fact I never did all that well in science class either. But one thing I can tell you is that data doesn't lie and the data has shown me that the way I was cleaning and disinfecting my own home wasn't working either.

Let me explain.

Disinfect surface and keep them germ and bacteria free
Here is a picture that was definitely not plucked from a stock photo library...

I had a team of professionals from Everest Microbial Defense™ come out to my home and perform a Healthy Home Analysis on some of the most touched surfaces of my home (it's free and I recommend all of my local Colorado readers have this done). Hand rails, light switches, the kitchen sink handle, and door knobs were all tested using ATP swabs and an ATP Luminometer after I had deep cleaned my home. The results were not only bad...they made me sick to my stomach.

"How is everything so disgusting when I just disinfected my whole house?"

I'm not here to knock household cleaners and disinfectants. Actually quite the opposite. You should be cleaning and disinfecting the high-touch surfaces in your home.

The problem is that most of us stop there.

When we use these products, we are effectively killing everything on the surface of whatever it is we are cleaning; we let it dry and then go about our business. But what happens the next time someone puts their hand on that surface? Everything living on that persons hand, or plate, or water bottle, or you name it is now transferred over and all of your hard work is erased.

The solution: bust out the disinfectant and follow your family or guests around the house with a bottle of bleach to clean every single thing they touch, every time they touch it...

Oh, you aren't a psychopath? Good, because there is a practical solution to this problem.

The concept is simple to understand – after you disinfect, you need to protect. You wouldn't get a brand new phone and then not get a screen protector (or maybe you really are a psychopath and don't even have a case for it 😒). You protect it because it's brand new. No scratches, no dents, and no cracks.

The same goes for keeping germs and bacteria off of the surfaces you disinfect, no matter what you throw at them, and for a substantial amount of time before you need to disinfect again. I'm talking about months.

What if all you had to do was take a microfiber cloth and wipe the counter tops to clear off any visible debris?

It would be a MAJOR time saver.

The ACTUAL Solution: Protect your home with an ultra-safe, antimicrobial spray that binds to surfaces on a molecular level, and bio-mechanically kills germs and bacteria on contact.


For anyone interested in the science of how it works, check out this link. That link just so happens to be from the same folks that came over and tested everything in my home. I know them, I trust them, and have spent enough time with their products to know that they are 100% safe and effective. If you follow the link, you can find some cool products that let you protect your home yourself.

But, I unapologetically recommend that you have them come out and give you a free Healthy Home Analysis. They'll not only show you how filthy your surfaces are (I promise they wont judge you) but they'll offer up a personalized plan to keep your home germ and bacteria free over the long-term. They'll also test the air quality which you can learn more about from my last article here.

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