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Prevent bacteria, allergens and mold from attacking your home.


3 systems acting as 1

Realize the full power of the Peak Health Advantage™

in your home.

Air Conditioner

1 - We filter your air

Breathe easier

We create allergy-friendly and asthma-safe environments with cutting-edge air filters that don't reduce your airflow efficiencies


"I noticed a decrease in illness in my kids over a winter season. I just used the spray on surfaces in my home yesterday...this is a game changer for the health of my family."

Modern Kitchen

2 - We protect your surfaces

Keep your family healthy

After being cleaned, the surfaces in your home will remain disinfected for up to 120 days without the use of harmful chemicals, bleach or poisons.


"Mark, who we have worked with for all of it, has been wonderful and so helpful! He was great in explaining how it works so I knew it was safe to use with my little babies." 


3 - We leave behind hand purification

24 hour germ protection

Our alcohol-free hand purifier lasts for 24 hours after just one application, leaving your hands feeling soft and moisturized.

Kristy A

"The product is amazing and I plan to buy more for around the home. With children it is a safe product due to no alcohol or harsh chemicals in the product. Thank you for a miracle product."

Quarterly Reporting

Making the invisible


"Take our word for it" just isn't enough for us. With each treatment

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